Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2019

How good are Grado Labs’ first wireless headphones?

Though there are currently no user reviews of the GW100 on its product page, there was some feedback in the comments section of the review. At least three users expressed concerns about build quality, while others agreed that the sound quality of the headphones was exceptional. However, some commenters wanted more information about the Bluetooth codecs used by the GW100 and, more importantly for gamers, if there was any latency. If you own a pair of GW100 headphones, help out your fellow readers by leaving a detailed user review for them on our product page: Is there latency? How pleased are you with the audio fidelity? And do you have any concerns about the build quality?

Your review could be included in an upcoming review roundup article, so make sure to include all the specifics!

Note: Comments have been turned off for this post; please contribute your thoughts on our GW100 product page!